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Brand Watch: Top brands for yoga mats

September 27, 2017 BIG AL'S PAINT 0

Yoga mats can vary in thickness, cushioning provided etc. and the buying decision is a personal choice. The most important feature when purchasing a yoga mat is a comfort. Your movement shouldn’t be unrestricted and the mat should protect your joints and muscles in case of a slip. So how do you find the right yoga mats? To make it easy we’re covering the best yoga mat brands to get the job done. 1. Manduka Yoga is all about peace and serenity and thus using mats that harm the environment goes against that belief which makes Manduka one of the most popular yoga brands as it’s Manduka Pro is made using recyclable and sustainable materials. Manduka has been in the industry for about 15 years and their PRO series provides cushioning and density like no other and has a whopping lifetime warranty, an ultimate assurance of its quality. 2. Prana One brand that has come up the ranks in quick time over the last 4-5 years and has been revered by tons of consumers is Prana. Prana yoga mats are available in the variety of different sizes, prices and colors thus there’s one for everyone. The Henna ECO series is made purely out of thermoplastic elastomer and comes in a variety of different designs. For the budget buyers, it’s the ideal brand as you can get a good, durable mat for as low as $50. 3. Jade Yoga Jade Yoga isn’t just protecting the environment but it takes it a step further by promising to plant a tree for every mat sold. Mats by this brand are also manufactured using materials from rubber trees and recyclable materials. The Harmony range of yoga mats is cost effective and offers a slip-resistant surface which is also easy to clean. You can also buy it in a variety of colors and shades. 4. Agoy Love to be a trendsetter at your yoga class? Well, then you’re going to love the Agoy range of yoga mats. This is an Australian brand and their mats are the perfect blend of both traditional and modern designs. The feature that separates their mats from the rest are the curved corners and their vibrant colors will lighten up your day. Their Classic Studio mat is one of their top products and is known for both comfort and durability. 5. LiForMe For professionals looking to provide yoga mats at their studios or home classes, the LiForMe yoga mats are ideal. These mats are best known for their stability and comfort they provide. They ensure proper alignment with the help of markers and come in tons of different colors and designs. Their yoga mats are manufactured using Polyurethane material and thus are guaranteed to be nonslippery and lightweight and can also be rolled and easily fitted into your bag.