About Big Al’s Paint

paint canBig Al’s Paint has been one of the most established painting companies in the NBA during the past 10 years. Originally founded in Prentiss, Mississippi, Big Al’s Paint has offices located across the country, including Boston, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City. In July 2013, Big Al’s Paint headquarters relocated to Charlotte where the company has experienced unprecedented growth. Big Al’s Paint has established itself as one of the most durable and hard-wearing paints while topping its competition with its superior finish. Some competitors may be glossier, but no other paint features the trademark “low post formula” found in Big Al’s Paint. Newly introduced this year, Big Al’s All-NBA Grade Paint has been the leading seller in hardware stores across the nation. It also garnered the very prestigious seal of approval by the National Painters Association (NPA).


Big Al’s Paint Presence has proven hazardous to low post-NBA defenses. If not properly prepared, interaction with Big Al has been known to cause the following: eye and general irritation, repetitive head shaking, personal fouls, double teams, disgusted looks to the sidelines, frustration, confusion, shortness of breath, dizziness, and even losses. Big Al is one of only five NBA players (and the only player in the Eastern Conference) averaging 20+ points and 10+ rebounds per game.

Paint KitCaution:

Avoid falling for pump fakes and reading of the eyes when defending Big Al. If headaches occur and scoring persists, add additional defender immediately. However, there is no guarantee scoring will cease. Double-doubles are a common SIDE effect, regardless of prep time or amount of tape time applied. Big Al leads all NBA centers with 11 30-point games and ranks second with 35 20-point contests.


Store in mild North Carolina temperatures in (or around) Time Warner Cable® Arena.




1. Study tape generously.
2. Don’t forget your “A” game.
3. Bring your friends.

Coverage: Most effective on a smooth wooden surface, Big Al dominates the paint with an array of old school low post moves not found on any other team. Use Big Al to cover areas of up to 94’ x 50’. Double-teaming is highly recommended as one-on-one coverage often results in failure to fully cover.

Drying Time: Buckets are known to stay consistently wet. Time spent drying your eyes after direct interaction with Big Al’s old school moves may vary. Recoat: Next game.

Cleanup: Big Al does a thorough job cleaning up the paint throughout the season. Ranks seventh in the NBA in defensive rebounding percentage, pulling down 27.9% of available defensive rebounds. In total, Big Al’s 10.4 rebounds per game rank ninth in the NBA.

Big Al’s Paint is the Charlotte Bobcats All-NBA campaign for center Al Jefferson. The campaign’s effort is to raise awareness of the tremendous individual all-around season Jefferson is having, while also spotlighting the impact and success he has brought to the Bobcats franchise this year. The photo above is the media kit sent to members of the media that vote on the 2013-14 All-NBA Teams.